Image restoration and digitization services
contact: Jan and Renata Jonak
British Railways Safety Poster
Amelia Earhart Last Flight
Antique Train Poster by Tenison Cuneo
Capacity Mobility Poster by Gawthorn
Rooftype Racing Fiat Factory
French Ford Poster by Bernard
British officer jumping over twenty members of the Royal Artillery Regiment on a motorcycle
Tom Purvis Poster for LNER
Your Continental Holiday Poster
Guillaume Villemot Vivorange Poster
Motorwheel Stringer Gerde
Stenberg Brothers Ruklevsky Boxer's Bride Poster
American Airlines Pursell Poster
Fritz Lang Metropolis

Renata and Jan have had the honor of restoring art from Getty Images, National Geographic, Henry Ford Museum, Science Museum in Britain and other collections. We offer flexible work flow for the tightest deadlines and great value because of our experience. Our specialities include:

It is our belief that a specialized approach brings better results. That is why we primarily focus on the image restoration of prints, black and white photography and vintage poster art.